In mid-March 2020, our world changed with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our over 43,000 Progressive people found creative ways to meet the needs of our customers, communities, and agent partners while working safely from home. We faced struggles with balancing work, homeschooling, sickness, and, tragically, the loss of our loved ones. Incidents of racial injustice drew widespread attention and sparked a nationwide conversation about historic and contemporary inequality. Because Progressive’s people and culture are so special, we remained resilient through it all. As a company, we dug deep into our Core Values, and recommitted to confronting our unconscious biases and building an environment of diversity and inclusion. Because of everything we have collectively endured, we chose “Resilience” as the theme for this year’s report. Artist Aliza Nisenbaum’s portraits of people connecting from home and heroes on the frontlines are a fitting tribute to the strength of the human spirit. Her personal engagement and earned relationships with her subjects exemplify her social practice and our shared respect for all individuals. A selection of Nisenbaum’s work will join Progressive’s growing collection of contemporary art.

Jenna, Friday Night in Brooklyn

Reading List

Jenna and Moises

Las Talaveritas, Sunday Morning NY Times

Sunflowers & Alex (diptych)

Aquí Está Tu Terroncito de Azúcar

Karina and Christopher

Lilacs and Succulents, LA Walk & Study, Aline (diptych)

Patricia and I Boogie on Broadway

A Desk Companion

Latin Runners Club

Susan, Aarti, Keerthana and Princess, Sunday in Brooklyn

Team Time Storytelling, Steven Gerrard Garden, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital Emergency Department, COVID Pandemic


Tumbao de Omambo

Succulent Weave

Reverend Jackie, Hospital Chaplain

Shari, Intensive Care Nurse

The Nap

London Underground: Brixton Station and Victoria Line Staff

Nancy’s Dragon

Poppy Blooms and Jessica, Student Nurse (diptych)

Ryan, Respiratory Doctor in Training

Naveena, Student Nurse and Succulents (diptych)

MOIA’s NYC Women’s Cabinet

Team Time Storytelling, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital Emergency Department, COVID Pandemic

Alan, Student Nurse

Anton Kern Gallery Staff