because the future depends on it


because the future
depends on it

BlackRock is investing to help more and more people experience financial well-being

$10,000 invested in global equity markets on January 1, 2009 – and left alone over a decade – would be $30,000 today.

$10,000 invested every year over a 4-decade long career would be $200,000 of annual income at retirement. Yes, that’s annual.

That is the power of investing.

The power of BlackRock is that each day, we better position ourselves to help the world invest so that we can live our purpose.

We invest on behalf of clients, because their futures depend on it.

And we invest in BlackRock, because our future depends on it.

Letter to our shareholders

When I originally sat down to write this letter, I was in my office, thinking about how to describe the events of 2019 and what BlackRock achieved last year. Today that seems a distant reality. BlackRock’s offices globally are nearly empty and instead, I write to you in isolation from home, like millions of other people. Since January, the coronavirus has overtaken our lives and transformed our world, presenting an unprecedented medical, economic and human challenge. The implications of the coronavirus outbreak for every nation and for our clients, employees and shareholders are profound, and they will reverberate for years to come.

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Laurence D. Fink